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    Welcome to Mrs. Marquart's Freshman English Page!

    My School email I ACTUALLY check:
Minot, ND
Which do you prefer?
Which do you prefer?

Passwords and Logins

over 2 years ago

Please be responsible with your passwords. Write them down in a safe place and don't share with your friends.

--Marquart's orders

Google Classroom

Username: your email

Class codes

4th: hkqnp4a

6th: cpvyvd

7th: qm9rnys

Online Text Book

Username: Marquart9

Password: Central

Google Drive

Username: your email

Password: mympspass! until you change it.

No Red Ink

4th: rigid penny 57

5th: empty fuel 47

7th: faint watch 64


Auto Join link:

  • #teaching is a strange job
  • The #Jedi has been hard at work this weekend #grading! ( you can see just how over it he is at this point in the game). Alas, he won’t quite be done by Monday. All will be graded before #Christmas break!
  • #12daysofchristmas19 #dressupdays
  • The classroom is ready for the #holidayseason see you Monday!
  • The Jedi would like to remind you of the vocab test resources available to you on Quizlet. He has the Force on his side and knows the power of this resource. Test Tuesday.